Published on: 2016-01-18

Description: The aim of the communication project is to increase Novafloor's visibility in order to develop the demand and thus the use of PVC floor covering recyclates in France


  • TURQUOISE is a France-based project that for several years has been aiming at developing soft recycled PVC use, particularly PVC floor covering waste.
  • Our partner, Novafloor is one of the only French recycled PVC converter able to develop products made from 100% recycled PVC (rigid and soft)
  • The product range was defined last year and the Novafloor products can be used in building activities: outdoor flooring, cladding, roofing …

The 2016 TURQUOISE project was aimed at developing in France the Novafloor visibility and the associated communication tools in order to increase the Novafloor products sales 

  • The principles steps defined to reach these goals were:
    • Find and realise construction sites
    • Develop the Novafloor press communication strategy

Milestones / Deliverables

  • During this first 2016 semester, Novafloor worked with SFEC on communication items:
  • Develop the Novafloor communication tools:
    • Objective 1: Translate the Website in French, increase the visibility of Vinylplus in the website
    • Done: Document for the translation. 
    • To do : Technical implementation in the Novaplak website
    • Objective 2: Develop some communication tools for the new roofing product “Novardoise” 
    • Done: develop the sticker with the VinylPlus logo
    • To do: Test the Novardoise displays with new stickers in some tested wholesalers
    • Objective 3: Develop a brochure in French dedicated to the Novafloor products containing recycled PVC flooring (Novalame)

  • Done: Specifications document describing the brochure
  • To do : Brochure development (electronic format for the time beeing)

New objective since Spring 2016 : Reviews the Novafloor internal organisation in order to be more efficient

  • Some recurring issues appears during the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016. The identified needs are the following:
    • Faster answers to the customers requests (products adaptations, samples deliveries …)
    • Faster deliveries of the final products when the contract is signed
  • The Novafloor conclusions were that they need a independant structure able to deal with those commercial and logistical aspects: A new engineering structure is beeing create which name will be « Green.I » for Green innovation
    • This structure will deal with the commercial, logistical, ingineering aspects of the Novafloor product
    • Dominique Legrand, ex sales manager of Novafloor, will manage this new structure
    • Daniel Moquet, which is one of the Novalame customer, will be part of this structure
    • The adminitrative actions are in progress

Next steps / actions
Green. I creation

  • The Green.I firm creation is in progress. The firm should be create at the end of the summer
  • Some press releases or communication actions will certainly be planned for the creation of Green.I with Sandrine Wiart, the Novafloor press officer

Communication tools

  • The new Novafloor organisation had as a consequence to delay the development of the communication tools (brochure and website)
  • During the next months, those tools will certainly have to be modified in order to be in line with the Green.I creation, organisation and communication. Then the development will be finalised, certainly before the end of 2016


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