Durk Krol

Durk KrolDurk Krol is Director of the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP). He joined the WssTP in 2008, first as a Board Member and Treasurer. He has worked in the water sector at the European level for the last 12 years, initially as a Senior Legal Policy Officer for the water department of provincial government of Friesland (NL).

As Deputy Secretary General of the European federation of national water associations of water suppliers and waste water services (EUREAU), he was actively promoting the common interests of the European water service sector to the EU institutions and stakeholders which enabled its members to adequately deal with opportunities arising from EU policy and its national implementation.

He has also closely been involved in the creation of the EP Water Group in the European Parliament. Durk is a graduate of law, with an additional Master’s degree in Latin American studies, and an MBA.