Madeleine Laffont

Madeleine LaffontMadeleine Laffont is a medical doctor by training (Imperial College, London) and a consultant communicator-project management specialist for environment & health issues by profession (Qatar, Belgium). She helps clients define and implement environment/health strategies; their project/crisis management; communication and stakeholder engagement. Currently, Madeleine manages the human health science area on a consultancy basis for ECETOC – the European Centre for Toxicology and Ecotoxicology: an industry-funded think tank focussed on continuous improvement of the science base for chemicals risk assessment. Themes include exposure assessment; epigenetics; frameworks for analysing and applying molecular data.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Madeleine managed a range of environment/health issues for Cefic (the European Chemical Industry Council) for several years. Projects included the Health Effects of Climate Change, Children’s Environmental Health, Indoor Air and Stakeholder Engagement on Nanotechnologies. Her earliest professional experience was in medical writing and petrochemical journalism in London, Paris and Hong Kong. She is an expert communicator for the Nanoforce Network, a member of Age Action Alliance, and Health Action Forum International.