Roberto CanoggioRoberto Canobbio is in charge of the Technical Department for Canobbio Textile Engineering Srl. He joined the Company in 1976 and always worked as Technical Director.
In 1993 became member of the Commission "UNI Sicurezza" for the issue of the "Progetto di Norma UNI U50.00.299.0 published in 1996 and was a member of the WG CEN/TC 152 for the issue of the European Standard UNI EN 13872. From 1998 to 2000 he was partner of the European Community financed project "DELITE – Design and Manufacture of Minimum Energy Forms of Lightweight Tension Membranes". Member of Working Group Tensinet since 1999 and partner of the Tensinet Association since 2004. He has been partner of the EC financed project Contex-T for research and development of new materials and applications. Since 2009 expert member of PHD Commission at Politecnico of Milano for final exam on Research in Design and Technology for environmental quality on building and urban scale. On 2010 Member of the Jury for the "Design Camping 2010" competition. Since 2010 member of the CEN/TC250 WG5 for the Prospect for European guidance for the structural design of tensile membrane structures.