Vinyl Floor Collect Europe

Maintain a highly visible vinyl floor recycling European marketing network in Europe.  To move from a passive marketing activity to a more offensive strategy with a clear focus on what the vinyl flooring industry does in terms of flooring recycling & incorporation of recycled PVC in products in Europe.  A potential stopping of AGPR needs to be well-prepared with additional activities on recycling of vinyl flooring.

Target group: Vinyl producers, vinyl flooring companies, additives suppliers, soft PVC recyclers, architects

Communication platform under ERFMI to develop new way of communication on vinyl flooring waste collection & recycling

Lead stabilisers substitution: yes we can

Project Description & Objectives

To boost the image of the PVC industry’s engagement towards a sustainable use of additives as part of the VinylPlus programme by: 

  • Promoting the achievements of the PVC stabilisers industry in replacing lead-based stabilisers in EU-28 by the end of 2015; 
  • Adding credibility to the VinylPlus engagement by having external auditors to verify that this engagement was effectively achieved; 
  • Showing the example that reformulation towards more sustainable PVC is possible and feasible.

Milestones / Deliverables
In 2016

  • external audit at ESPA members who produce(d) lead-based stabilisers to confirm that they no longer place on the EU market lead-based stabilisers since January 2016 
    • VinylPlus selection team decided the ESPA AUP (“external audit”) would not be accepted as part of this project, only the communication part (leaflet). 
  • promotion at PVC Formulation 2016 in Köln, Germany 
    • ESPA was represented by Dr Ettore Nanni
  • promotion at Vinyl Sustainability Forum 2016 in Vienna, Austria 
    • ESPA had a stand, with the animation and distribution of leaflets
  • promotion at the Plastic Pipes XVIII Berlin, Germany
    • ESPA abstract paper was not accepted 
  • promotion at the K 2016 - Düsseldorf, Germany 
    • ESPA members participating at K 2016 will promote the ESPA animation and leaflet

Next steps / actions
The leaflet was shared electronically with

  • ESPA members
  • PVC Network
  • Other PVC associations participating at the VSF 2016 (Asia, USA)

The printed leaflet was / will be distributed to

  • ESPA members
  • PVC Network members: Eastern Europe PVC
  • Other PVC associations participating at the VSF 2016 (Asia, USA)
  • Cefic Sustainability, Corporate communications, reception
  • PVC 2017

Key Learnings & Hard Points

  • Difficult to have people engaged and enthusiastic to talk about this accomplishment
  • People are worried that the message of “Pb replacement” could be used against the target of recycling of PVC

PVC goes BIO

Project Description & Objectives

  • To communicate and show the fact that sustainable utilization of different biomasses and wastes requires a wide variety of PVC products, pipes, floorings etc. 
  • The aim is to enhance the open dialogue that is in line with VinylPlus vision
    • This objective is consistent with VinylPlus strategy of entire part of Environmental Performance.

Milestones / Deliverables

  • PVC goes BIO –seminar was held on 12th of March 2016, Scandic Hotel in Järvenpää, Finland, To increase the awareness of the importance of PVC products in bioeconomy
  • Topics were:
    • What is bioeconomy, Maija Pohjakallio, The Chemical Industry Federation of Finland
    • Material efficiency and sustainability, Tommi Lehtisalo, Motiva
    • PVC as a key material in bioeconomics and circular economy:
      • Case 1 How PVC pipes are needed in agriculture and pulp processing, Marko Heikkinen, Pipelife Finland Oy
      • Case 2 PVC profiles in energy saving applications, windows, doors, and greenhouse applications, Anna Hokkanen, Oy Primo Finland Ab
      • Case 3 PVC profiles are durable and non-toxic in fences, terraces, and railing systems, Sakari Mustonen, Finera Aitateollisuus Oy
    • Green plasticizers, Rasmus Pinomaa, Perstorp
    • PVC – From ugly duckling to swan: How to proceed from now on? (General discussion)
  • 19 participants
  • Article from the seminar in MuoviPlast journal no 3/2016 (released 10.6.2016)
    • “PVC goes BIO Järvenpäässä”, pp 32
    • The only professional plastic journal in Finnish


Next steps / actions

  • Vinyl Group workshop for bio-brainstorming on 20th of September 2016 in Helsinki during the Foodtech, Pactec, Plastec SignTech expo.
  • To clarify the value chain of PVC products in the circular economy as well as the recycling of PVC products
  • The workshop will be organized together with plastic recyclers in order to enhance the dialogue between PVC users and recyclers and to find realistic solutions.

Recycling kit of pipes & windows

Raise awareness of PVC recycling in the building & construction sector: PRE, with TEPPFA & EPPA, will develop a recycling kit, showing the different stages of the recycling processes forming a new application with recycled content.

The kit will contain 2 applications: windows & pipes.

Target group: Policy makers & other stakeholders

Production of a recycling toolkit (window/pipe)

The new age of PVC pipes: designers, authorities, utilities

Contribution to the VinylPlus Communication Vision
This communication plan, aims at opening a dialogue with the Italian Utilities and at exploring the possibility of cooperation in the two fields of interest for PVC Forum and VinylPlus: piping and waste.

This new dialogue could lead to a new relationship between the parties involved so that PVC Forum Italy/VinylPlus can become in the next years a technical support and quality assurance on PVC pipes for utilities, while the Utilities could become points of collection of those PVC waste to be sent to recycling.

A further objective is to gradually introduce PVC4pipes and its activities, in order to make it become a stakeholder for the utilities, able to support the activity of promotion carried out by the Group pipes of the PVC Forum Italia.

Project Description

  • The project aims at informing and sensitising designers, engineers, municipalities on the benefit of PVC pipes and on the PVC industry ‘s contribution to the circular economy.
  • The project is organised directly involving some of the pipes and fittings manufacturing companies, members of the PVC Forum Italia, and with the support, for some aspects, of PVC4pipes
  • The organisation of a PVC waste collection scheme with the utilities is a further aim of the project

The project includes three phases:

  • 5 courses with Orders of Engineers aimed at promoting PVC pipes for training engineers
  • Contacts with Bodies and Authorities
  • Participation with a booth at H2O, the Italian exhibition dedicated to water transportation
  • Organisation of a workshop at Ecomondo Rimini in November 2016

Progress Made
Phase 1

  • Preparation, printing and realisation of digital support of the documentation for both engineers and authorities regarding: VinylPlus; market; PVC pipes installation; PVC pipes advantages; environmental impact , LCA and sustainability of PVC and PVC pipes; quality tests √ done
  • Preliminary contacts with the Orders of Engineers (Engineers Association) √ done
  • Organisation and management of 5 courses and training sessions with engineers
    • Training courses Brescia, Perugia, Treviso, Trento and Bologna √ done

Direct and indirect contacts with bodies and authorities

This action is being implemented within the phase 2, thanks to the contacts taken with the utilities. In general, in fact, the Italian utilities have a mixed private/public (municipalities) ownership, which should facilitate the creation of relationships with the PVC Forum.

Phase 2

  • Direct contact with Utilitalia √ done
    • Contacts taken with communications department and technical sector water. 
    • PVC Forum and Utilitalia will collaborate at the project Global Water Expo at Ecomondo (see phase 3)
  • Utilities database creation (the list includes about 100 Italian utilities) √ done
  • Newsletter format definition (on the basis of the feedback received , the PVC Forum will evaluate the opportunity of implementing a dedicated software) and preparation of supportive documents, also in cooperation with PVC4pipes (PVC pipes state-of-art and innovation)
    • 4 newsletter already sent 
    • other 8 newsletters are in preparation for 2016 on: 
      • Characteristics of PVC pipes and their correct installation, duration of the performance and operating life, LCA of PVC pipes and fittings, technical and performance specifications for the PVC pipes, the reasons for choosing PVC pipes, pipe market in Italy and Europe, features and high performance of the innovative products, recovery and the recycling of PVC in Italy and in Europe, VinylPlus waste program and results in Italy and Europe, closed loop of PVC and article containing recycled PVC.
      • Recyclability of PVC and of PVC pipes and possible synergy with the Utilities collection areas.

        La condotte
  • Direct contact with some utilities: ongoing
    • Contacts are currently ongoing with Utilitalia in order to organise meetings with some of their members. 
    • A meeting has been organised with SMAT Turin (water management) and Veolia Turin (sewage systems).
    • During the meeting were discussed the issues related to the use of the PVC pipes for sewage and drinking water. All the documents prepared by the Group pipes, and the activities carried out by VinylPlus and PVC4Pipes, were presented. In particular, the PVC Forum addressed the issues related to performance, duration and life cycle of materials, and discussed the position of the utilities on the new procurement code and on the CAM GPP protocols. The Newsletter initiative was positively evaluated, and it has been expressed the need of having more continue and detailed information on PVC pipes systems.
    • A first meeting with Veritas Venezia has also been organised. This first meeting was entirely dedicated to the waste management (in the zone covered by Veritas), in anticipation of the meetings already planned on the issue with the Italian authorities. A further meeting on the benefits of the use of PVC for water transportation is also foreseen.

Phase 3 (Ecomondo)

  • Contacts with Utilitalia for the organisation of a specific event at Ecomondo: ongoing
    • In occasion of Ecomondo, Utilitalia is promoting a special initiative called Global Water Expo. The Global Water Expo is a kind of physical “market place” for the water industry, dedicated to the Italian water value chain, involving top national utilities, ESCOs , industry and technologists. At the Global Water Expo , the value chain can meet the producers of technologies and discuss the issues concerning innovation and sustainability, regulations and development of new markets.
    • The PVC Forum Italia will have an info desk at the Global Water Expo, close to the main Italian Utilities and will exploit the possibilities given by the common area where events, interviews, meetings will take place during Ecomondo. The PVC Forum will also organise a conference in the framework of the Global Water Expo. 
    • Participation with a booth
    • In addition to the Global Water Expo, the PVC Forum Italia will also have a dedicated space where to promote the sustainability of PVC , in particular in relation to the Circular Economy and VinylPlus

Global Water Expo


  • TURQUOISE is a France-based project that for several years has been aiming at developing soft recycled PVC use, particularly PVC floor covering waste.
  • Our partner, Novafloor is one of the only French recycled PVC converter able to develop products made from 100% recycled PVC (rigid and soft)
  • The product range was defined last year and the Novafloor products can be used in building activities: outdoor flooring, cladding, roofing …

The 2016 TURQUOISE project was aimed at developing in France the Novafloor visibility and the associated communication tools in order to increase the Novafloor products sales 

  • The principles steps defined to reach these goals were:
    • Find and realise construction sites
    • Develop the Novafloor press communication strategy

Milestones / Deliverables

  • During this first 2016 semester, Novafloor worked with SFEC on communication items:
  • Develop the Novafloor communication tools:
    • Objective 1: Translate the Website www.Novaplak.com in French, increase the visibility of Vinylplus in the website
    • Done: Document for the translation. 
    • To do : Technical implementation in the Novaplak website
    • Objective 2: Develop some communication tools for the new roofing product “Novardoise” 
    • Done: develop the sticker with the VinylPlus logo
    • To do: Test the Novardoise displays with new stickers in some tested wholesalers
    • Objective 3: Develop a brochure in French dedicated to the Novafloor products containing recycled PVC flooring (Novalame)

  • Done: Specifications document describing the brochure
  • To do : Brochure development (electronic format for the time beeing)

New objective since Spring 2016 : Reviews the Novafloor internal organisation in order to be more efficient

  • Some recurring issues appears during the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016. The identified needs are the following:
    • Faster answers to the customers requests (products adaptations, samples deliveries …)
    • Faster deliveries of the final products when the contract is signed
  • The Novafloor conclusions were that they need a independant structure able to deal with those commercial and logistical aspects: A new engineering structure is beeing create which name will be « Green.I » for Green innovation
    • This structure will deal with the commercial, logistical, ingineering aspects of the Novafloor product
    • Dominique Legrand, ex sales manager of Novafloor, will manage this new structure
    • Daniel Moquet, which is one of the Novalame customer, will be part of this structure
    • The adminitrative actions are in progress

Next steps / actions
Green. I creation

  • The Green.I firm creation is in progress. The firm should be create at the end of the summer
  • Some press releases or communication actions will certainly be planned for the creation of Green.I with Sandrine Wiart, the Novafloor press officer

Communication tools

  • The new Novafloor organisation had as a consequence to delay the development of the communication tools (brochure and website)
  • During the next months, those tools will certainly have to be modified in order to be in line with the Green.I creation, organisation and communication. Then the development will be finalised, certainly before the end of 2016

PVC recycling

Improve the collection & the recycling of PVC post-consumer wastes.  

Target group: Professionals: demolition companies, installers, constructors, and consumers

Online map of collection points in France on SNEP website + promotion

Outreach to national association "Non-TEPPFA" Company Members

Organisation of:
1) TEPPFA Roadshows with SME pipe producers (non-TEPPFA members)
2) TEPPFA Forum 2016
3) TEPPFA e-magazine
4) Outreach to National Associations "Non TEPPFA" Company Members

Target group
1) pipe producers
2) pipes sector & associated stakeholders & European policy makers
3) stakeholders from the plastic pipes industry
4) non-TEPPFA members of national associations

Roadshow, Event, e-Magazine, outreach to national associations