'Sustainable use of additives'

Criteria for the ‘Sustainable Use of Additives’
To evaluate the use of substances utilised as additives in PVC products from the perspective of sustainable development, VinylPlus has developed the EPDplus approach and methodology. It integrates the current standard Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) with TNS criteria for sustainability. One EPDplus for a building and construction PVC application was finalised in early 2015.

The EPDplus evaluation methodology will be further developed by the dedicated Task Force with the close cooperation of all stakeholders, and will be aligned with the EU Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) concept when the latter is established, integrating it with the additional elements on which EPDplus stands.

Additive producers continued to provide converter associations with the most recent data to help them update their LCAs and EPDs. In 2015, ESPA completed LCAs for two of its main family of calcium-based stabilisers, and it will continue to develop additional LCAs for the remaining families of stabilisers. ECPI published an LCA for DINP. An update of LCAs and EPDs is now foreseen for other families of additives, such as lubricants and flame retardants.