Renewable Raw Materials

Established in December 2011, the Renewable Materials Task Force has been investigating renewable alternative resources for the production of PVC. 

The Task Force’s analysis of alternative, renewable resources for the production of PVC – including potential scenarios for the future – has been summarised in the ‘VinylPlus Status Report on Renewables’ (insert link to doc also here). Following the publication of the report in May 2015, the Renewable Materials Task Force confirmed that no further actions were required on renewable raw materials, and that this target could be considered for now as complete but any new developments would be monitored, especially those outside Europe. Technical solutions exist to produce PVC and many additives from renewable resources. The barriers are economics and availability, both subject to market forces extending well beyond the PVC industry. It is also useful to remember that, even though PVC is based on a non-renewable resource, its long life and closed-loop management help to ensure resource efficiency and environmental gains.

Download the full Report on Renewable Raw Materials.