Recovinyl’s mission is to stimulate and encourage the use of recycled PVC, by facilitating PVC waste collection and recycling in the framework of the Voluntary Commitment. Recovinyl’s mission is to facilitate PVC waste collection and recycling, and encourage the use of recycled PVC, by acting as a mediator between recyclers and converters. Recovinyl also registers and certifies volumes of PVC recycled, based on the EUCertPlast protocol.

In 2015, Recovinyl increased the number of companies in its network to 177. Out of the total VinylPlus recycling figures, Recovinyl registered and certified 508,154 tonnes of recycled PVC.

The collection of PVC was volatile, with better results in Q2 and Q4. Recyclers faced lower demand from pipe manufacturers. Recyclers and converters remained quite concerned over uncertainties in the implementation of relevant EU regulations such as REACH, CLP and Waste.

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Recovinyl tonnage 2015_Countries

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