Rainer Grasmuck

Function: Treasurer


Description: Rainer Grasmück started his professional career in 1980 with Baerlocher, one of the world's leading additive suppliers, where he was responsible for the development of sales and distribution channels in Asia. In 1987, he was appointed General Manager of Baerlocher Brazil and four years later, he took over the Managing Director position at Baerlocher Italia S.p.A. and the global SBU responsibility for liquid stabilizers. In 2009, Rainer Grasmück returned to the Baerlocher headquarters in Munich as the Head of Global PVC Additives. He is also a Member of the Baerlocher Executive Committee and sits on several Baerlocher boards worldwide. Rainer Grasmück serves as a Member of the Boards of a number of associations such as EuPC (the European trade association of plastic converters), PasticsEurope Deutschland, ESPA (the European Stabiliser Producers Association) and was the Treasurer for VinylPlus.