PVC recyclers meet PVC converters

Published on: 2015-03-18

Description: To bring recycling companies in contact with converters to learn about existing and new recycling processes and products.


AGPU (Arbeitsgemeinschaft PVC und Umwelt e. V.), Germany


  • To raise awareness of existing PVC recycling activities and create a demand for further recycling and products containing or existing of PVC-recyclates.
  • To gather recycling companies and converters to learn about VinylPlus recycling activities and achievements and to present national project partners such as AgPR, EPCOAT, KRV, Rewindo and Roofcollect.
  • To learn about existing and new recycling processes and products. Converters and Recyclers will also have the opportunity to present their products and demands.

AGPU organized four events in 2015:

- Berlin Demolition Specialist Conference - March 4th & 5th: AGPU and VinylPlus teamed up with the “Aktion PVC Recycling” exhibition stand. This specialist conference, one of the biggest events on demolition in Europe, gathered 7000 participants and 80 exhibitors.

‘PVC recyclers and PVC Converters’ regional events

  • AgPR Flooring Recycling – Troisdorf – June 30th
  • IHK – Stuttgart – September 22nd
  • VEKA – Hoersselberg-Hainich – November 12th

These three regional events gathered in total 60 experts, who presented their individual offers and needs onagpu discussion recycled material and their recycling quantities.

Key Learnings
There is an interest in the industry to learn more on:

  • PVC recycling volumes and products in Germany
  • Achievements of the VinylPlus recycling targets
  • New business developments and opportunities
  • Identification of mechanical recycling solutions instead of waste incineration
  • Opportunities and limitations of mechanical recycling

    Contact: Thomas Hülsmann


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