Brand holders : building a dialogue with key stakeholders

Published on: 2015-03-18

Description: Promoting the VinylPlus sustainability programme and the contribution of the plasticisers industry through targeted meetings


The European Council for Plasticisers and Intermediates (ECPI) - Belgium


  • To promote the VinylPlus sustainability programme and the plasticisers industry's contribution through open dialogue with key European brand holders and retailers using or selling flexible PVC.
  • The main goal is to raise awareness about the benefits of flexible PVC and the work of VinylPlus across Europe.
  • Given the interest shown during the “Brand holders programmes” of 2013 and 2014, ECPI continues building a dialogue, responding to these companies’ willingness to know more.

Meetings’ objectives

  • Enhancing the visibility of VinylPlus and ECPI
  • Sharing the latest regulatory and scientific news about plasticisers and flexible PVC
  • Presenting the VinylPlus programme and distributing VinylPlus materials
  • Presenting ECPI and VinylPlus as the main reference and source of information for PVC and plasticisers-related topics
  • Building long-lasting relationships with key skateholders
  • Sharing best practices

8 meetings were organized in 2015 with the following organizations/companies:

  • BEUC – European Consumer Organisation
  • ORGALIME – European Engineering Industries Association
  • TIE – Toy Industries of Europe
  • Toyota & ACEA – European Automobile Manufacturers Association
  • JAMA – Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association
  • EUROPACABLE – Association of the Wire and Cable Manufacturers in Europe
  • VDA – German Association of the Automotive Industry

Contact: Michela Mastrantonio

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