Regional conference on recycling and sustainability awareness

Published on: 2012-09-19

Description: Around 30 experts from North-Rhine Westphalia presenting their services, needs and PVC recycling products at a dialogue-based.


Organisation: AGPU, Working Group PVC and Environment

Timing: 13 December 2012

Goal of the project: Around 30 experts from North-Rhine Westphalia from the fields of PVC recycling, PVC processing and waste logistics used the opportunity of the dialogue-based event to present their services, needs and PVC recycling products to the other participants. This took place in the form of a brief introductory session at the start, a personal discussion, and a presentation on the big screen in the lounge theatre. Some participants provided interesting insights into their recycling activities beforehand, introducing their companies, and providing answers and explanations on camera, filmed by a professional crew.

Project development or methodology: During the event, participants were also given the chance to learn about the successful AGPU PVC Recycling Finder. The online market place provides relevant industry information right around the clock, highlighting specific recycling methods for PVC waste, and offering recycled materials and products for purchase.

Project outcome or (expected) results: As a modern mix of personal dialogue, presentation and “business speed dating”, the event received high praise. Several solutions were discussed between participants (foamed PVC sheet, coated fabrics).

The event run jointly by AGPU and VinylPlus produced several video clips, which were published on VinylTV and made available to the participants. The first video was viewed by more than 1,350 people until 15th of March.

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