TEPPFA: EU Workshops, Parliament event, Trade Fair booth

Published on: 2014-10-08

Description: The objective of the project was to increase awareness of VinylPlus values among the members of TEPPFA's National Associations (NA) which are sometimes SMEs and not direct TEPPFA members. The intention was to organise three road shows in conjunction with the relevant NA targeting their members who produce PVC products and also local authorities and specifiers.
Following the success of the event in 2013 and subsequent opportunities it has provided, the fourth event took place in the European Parliament in Brussels.The road shows provided background information and an update of VinylPlus activities together with the results of EPD studies which supported and demonstrated the environmental advantages of PVC pipes containing recyclate.
The program also included information on activities at EU level related to plastic waste recycling and the environment.


Externally promoting the use of plastic pipe systems, focussing on sustainability/use of recyclate(PVC pipes related). Activities such as : Step-up our contacts with the EC, national governments, recyclers, other industries and our members to make sure that workable solutions for the use of recyclate containing legacy substances are found 

• Increase activities within CEN to review and modify existing product standards to allow the use of recyclate without compromising on performance levels
• Continue with sales staff training program to inform and support customers/specifiers in the use of pipes with recyclate
• Convince our members to obtain the VinylPlus product label in order to make a difference in the market ( GPP) and to induce non-TEPPFA members to become VinylPlus members.
• Resolve the remaining technical issues related to the replacement of lead based stabilisers
• Demonstrate the potential reduction in the environmental footprint of our products achieved by using recyclate through expansion of our programme of LCA’s and EPD’s in conjunction with our environmental expert partners, Vito and Denkstatt
• Participate in the DG Environment Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) Pilot Study programme to provide further opportunities to promote the environmental benefits of using recyclate.
• Continue to support RecovinylPlus in regularly obtaining recycling data
• Continue with our contributions to the Vinyl Foundation


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