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Published on: 2015-03-18


Ongoing communication initiatives regarding the use of PVC recyclate in pipe systems to customers, governments and specifiers to obtain a favourable position for PVC pipes systems in the market. 


To promote the VinylPlus programme through specific TEPPFA communication activities.

Throughout 2015, TEPPFA ensured the promotion of the VinylPlus programme and its achievements through 3 specific activities:

  • TEPPFA Roadshow Events
    These events provided an opportunity to have a direct contact with SMEs pipe producers who are not direct company members of TEPPFA. A sustainability Workshop was held in June 2015, in Split (Croatia), and gathered representatives from the Croatian Ministries of Environment and Industry, together with pipe producers. The programme included a presentation of TEPPFA activities linked to VinylPlus and the benefits they provide.

  • TEPPFA Forum 2015
    The forum is the annual communication event organized by TEPPFA. This year’s event gathered 150 participants, among them policy makers, representatives of the European Commission and other stakeholders. VinylPlus was present at the event with a presentation on VinylPlus achievements and with a booth in the exhibition area.

  • TEPPFA e-Magazine
    The magazine is sent out to over 5,000 people associated with the plastic pipes industry and EU policy makers. The last edition of 2015 included an article on VinylPlus: Recycling PVC helped to create 1,000 jobs in Europe.

Contact: Claudia Topalli


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