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Published on: 2015-03-18

Description: The Domus Academy, a premier design school, organised a special section on PVC, as material for design, in the framework of its courses for post graduate students.


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  • To search for new and functional industrial applications for recycled PVC. The existence of a concrete market for recycled PVC is crucial to boost recycling and stimulate a pull market approach. The existence of innovative and attractive applications in recycled PVC is important to show that a market for recycled PVC does exist.
  • The project will be elaborated with the partnership of the Domus Academy (Milan, Italy), a world top ranked design school.


  • The Domus Academy organized, in the framework of its Course of Specialization in Material Design, a special one-month session on PVC as a material for design and on the re-use and recycling of end-of-life PVC products.
  • PVC Forum Italy took part in the course and provided an information package containing technical guides on the main PVC applications, brochures on recycling activities, videos, VinylPlus and ECVM materials and examples of recycled products. Students were also informed about PVC recycling options and consistency of the PVC industry policies with EU and global guidelines.
  • Provided that the theme of re-use and recycling of end-of-life products was the main objective of the project, it was agreed that an overall theme had to be defined before creativity started, and in line with the global challenges faced by our world.
  • In this context, the theme of water was selected for the project, which was entitled “Enjoy the Rain”. The project builds on the importance of water conservation and preservation and the added value of rainwater.
  • Six applications were developed, all privileging the urban context and the re-use and recycling of PVC.

“Enjoy the Rain” was presented at the “Festival dell’Acqua 2015”. The festival gathered more than 600 participants (companies, regulators, specifiers and opinion leaders). The event was a great opportunity to present the project to an extremely qualified audience. Furthermore, the subject of the parallel exhibition on “Water Design” perfectly matched with our theme “Enjoy the Rain”.

Enjoy the rain brochure thumbnailEnjoy the Rain: An example of sustainable design for water preservation and conservation - an overview

Take a look at the six projects in detail:

Contact: Carlo Ciotti

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