Energy & Resource-Efficient Products for Public Procurement

Published on: 2016-01-18

Description: Position PVC products as sustainable solutions in public procurement by demonstrating their energy & resource-efficiency at the lowest whole life cost.



  • Making use of articles and the combination of editorial articles & advertisements (advertorials) in journals which are relevant for public procurement managers. 
  • The articles present winning stories which are demonstrating the sustainable “value” of PVC products and the PVC industry.
  • To position PVC Products as sustainable solutions in public procurement by demonstrating their energy and resource efficiency at lowest lifecycle cost.
  • Using new tools of communication to boost VinylPlus awareness.
  • Improving the image of PVC.

Milestones / Deliverables

  • 2 Magazines have been selected for „advertorials“ and technical articles.
  • The Magazines have special relevance for decision makers in local authorities and for public procurement.
  • The so called „advertorials“ are written articles which may include advertising elements.

KBD – Kommunaler Beschaffungs-Dienst
Advertorials and title stories (technical article) in 3 (4) issues:
(01/16 – title story: maintenance/renovation – part of 2015)
06/16 – advertorial: flooring in public buildings i.e. hospitals and kindergarten
09/16 – title story: renovation of public buildings
11/16 – advertorial: recycling

Umwelt Magazin
Technical report/article in 1 (2) issue(s):
(01/16 – article about water management – part of 2015 project)
06/16 – title story: PVC recycling and circular economy

Next steps / actions
To Write the missing articles in KBD for September and November issues and select pictures and graphs that fit to the “messages” for the target group.

Key Learnings: 

  • The choice of the relevant magazine / journal is critical to address the selected target group.
  • The advertorials have to be written more in a technical style than like an advertisement to ensure that the story / information is reliable .
  • The key massages about the sustainability of PVC products and our industry have to be described by different achievements of the entire value chain.
  • The articles and pictures / graphs need to be consistent with our messages via other channels.
  • Booking of spaces for articles need to be done very early to ensure a good fit to the key item per magazine issue.
  • There needs to be a continuous campaigning of such like articles to achieve a proper recognition.


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