Flexible PVC in our cities: interactive infographic

Published on: 2016-01-18

Description: The infographic will illustrate the benefits that flexible PVC bring to our cities, in terms of sustainability & quality of life,


Project Description & Objectives
Computer-generated interactive infographic showing the multiple uses of rigid and flexible PVC in everyday life

Promotion through ECPI communication channels (eg websites, newsletters etc). The infographic will be made available to VinylPlus and all of its partners

Milestones / Deliverables

  • Collection of information from the value chain through VinylPlus
  • Creation of simple messages about rigid/flexible PVC and plasticisers
  • Development of electronic and printed infographics showing the use of plasticisers and PVC in a number of applications which can be found in a city:
    - 4 scenes: House, Hospital, Stadium, Street
    - 6 applications for each scene

The infographic is available here:

ECPI infographic

Next steps:
Share the infographic with all VinylPlus partners
All VinylPlus partners can use and share the infographic

Key learnings:
The initial project proposal envisaged the development of an electronic interactive infographic as well as a printed version of it. When the development of the electronic infographic was concluded, we realised that a printed copy would not bring any added value to the project. The value of the infographic is its interactivity which is impossible to reproduce in a printed version. Therefore we focussed on improving the electronic version and make the inforgeraphic fully responsive.
The inforgraphic is now available for all kind of electronic devices, including tablets and smartphones. This will allow VinylPlus partners to use it during events and meetings and to promote it throught social media and websites.


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