Media Field Trip: exploring the PVC value chain

Published on: 2016-01-18

Description: Raise awareness amongst specialised trade journalists about the commitment of the PVC value chain to sustainable development through the VinylPlus initiave



  • Raise awareness about the commitment of the PVC value chain to sustainable development
  • Enhance the image and reputation of PVC by promoting its safe and sustainable use in many applications
  • Focus on: environmental performances of PVC, sustainable use of additives, PVC recyclability
  • Build longstanding relationships with trade media

Milestones / Deliverables

  • Two-day field trip to Germany
  • Visit two companies producing, converting or recycling flexible PVC
  • Minimum 5 journalists from specialised trade and industry publications
  • Close collaboration with German associations
  • Promotion of VinylPlus and ECPI
  • Possible media coverage

Project Status
(29 -30 June 2016, Germany. Visit to Mehler and AgPR; 10 journalists attending)

Media field trip

Key learnings:

  • Timing: to ensure good media participation it is important that the event does not clash with international events such as the K Fair or others.
  • On the ground experience: Journalists are eager to visit plants and are enthusiastic about the opportunity to learn through on-the-ground experience. The Media Field Trip is a great opportunity to dissipate misconceptions and raise awareness about the PVC value chain’s commitment to sustainability. 
  • Partnership with national association (AgPU): the support we received from AgPU was much appreciated and journalists were happy to learn about the German PVC value chain

Other remarks:
The Media Field Trip brings journalists to production and recycling plants and give them the opportunity to know the people working for the industry. Such a personal experience and direct contact make the industry appear more “human”, closer to consumers. Journalists become more keen to listen, learn and perceive the industry more positively.

Media field trip


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