Outreach to national association "Non-TEPPFA" Company Members

Published on: 2016-01-18

Description: Roadshow, Event, e-Magazine, outreach to national associations


Project Description & Objectives

  • A major awareness campaign specifically targeting members of our national associations who are not company members of TEPPFA and other plastic pipe producers who do not belong to any trade associations
  • Issues to be covered include:
  • Importance of contributing to the TEPPFA annual survey of recycling activities
  • Awareness of the work being done by Vinylplus and the PVC Network related to incoming changes to WFD and the relevance of initiatives related to the Circular Economy
  • A communications programme based on market research conducted in specific countries to identify key issues
  • Communication via:
  1. TEPPFA National Associations
  2. Workshop Events
  3. New multi language TEPPFA Microsite (focusing on key issues)
  4. Wider circulation of TEPPFA E-magazine 

Milestones / Deliverables

  • Market Research
  1. Focus group and individual interview sessions conducted in UK, Germany, France and Poland
  2. Designed to identify key issues for specifiers and end users  including importance of environmental and sustainability agenda including voluntary commitment
  • Communications Programme
  1. Lead PR agency engaged to develop toolkit of key messages to be translated into local language for use by National Associations
  2. Multi-language microsite being developed to ensure consistency of themes and messages
  • Workshop Events
  1. Organised by TEPPFA in conjunction with NA’s and Company Members:
  2. Riga, Latvia
    • Target audience local pipe producers, installers, contractors and architects
    • Programme focused on environmental and sustainability issues including Vinylplus voluntary commitment
  3. Split, Croatia
    • Target audience non TEPPFA member companies, specifiers and local policymakers
    • Programme focused on environmental and sustainability issues including Vinylplus voluntary commitment

Key Learnings & Hard Points

  • The work undertaken by TEPPFA has provided a valuable insight into the opinions and awareness of those engaged in the manufacturing, specifying or installing of plastic pipe systems across the EU states.

  • Key Findings relevant to Vinylplus:
    • Within the pipes sector the importance and relevance of the environmental agenda varies significantly across the EU
    • Those operating in the more “sophisticated” markets such as Germany, UK and France are often quite aware of EU policies and initiatives and the significance of incoming environmental legislation and how it could affect their activities.
    • For those operating in newer member states such as Latvia and Croatia these issues are far more remote. They are often completely unaware of initiatives such as Vinylplus. Plastic pipe manufacturers in these countries generally believe they have other more critical issues to deal with than improving sustainability.
    • The use of recycled materials in plastic pipe production by local SME’s is largely unreported. They are often very reluctant to share such information which they believe is commercially sensitive

  • §It is hoped that the TEPPFA National Associations will be bale to encourage more of their non TEPPFA members to participate in the 2017 recycling survey  

Contribution to the VinylPlus Communication Vision

  • The TEPPFA initiative has contributed to raising awareness of Vinylplus to those involved in the PVC pipes sector particularly SME’s.
  • The market research and workshop feedback provides further insight into the general understanding of the issues being dealt with by Vinylplus on behalf of PVC users and recyclers
  • The new TEPPFA Micro website to be launched in 2017 will provide another important communication channel to reach companies not directly involved with TEPPFA or its National Associations


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