Achieving acknowledgement for the closed loop recycling of PVC Denmark

Published on: 2016-01-18

Description: The objective of the project is therefore to study, document & mitigate the resistance for using rigid PVC building products in public area.


Project Description & Objectives

  • The WUPPI system is a well known brand in Denmark
  • Estimated 50-60% of available post consumer PVC waste is recycled via the system


  • Acknowledgement f the results is still low in certain municipalities and among advisors
  • PVC is still being de-selected because of the risk of ending up in the waste stream

The objective of the project is to study, document and mitigate the resistance of using PVC-U for building products in the public area.

Milestones / Deliverables

  • Mapping out the position of using PVC in the 98 municipalities. Our findings so far:
    • Copenhagen is negative: The municipality has an unwritten non-PVC policy
    • 8-10 other municipalities “prefer non-PVC products”
    • Remaining ̴90 municipalities are indifferent
  • Understanding the reasoning for de-selecting PVC (Still under investigation)
    • So far the risk of the waste being incinerated seems to be the most common reason for de-selecting
    • Lack of knowledge is another main driver: Dioxin and heavy metal stabilizers (phased-out in 2001 in Denmark!) is an often used argument
  • Building and executing a communication plan 
  • Meassuring the results of the effort
    • Pending till end of 2016

Building the communication plan

  • A database for companies to receive the WUPPI-newsletters is being established
  • Two editions of the newsletter have been issued: August and December
  • Positive reception: 62 municipalities (of 98) have signed up
  • The WUPPI shareholders and associated members are frequently informing on WUPPI and VinylPlus in own company newsletters
  • Individual pictures and text had been selected and drafted to support 7 WUPPI member companies in communicating the message
  • Companies are a.o. Per Aarsleff, Wavin, Primo and Plastmo
  • The WUPPI information video is ready

  • Wuppi

wuppi newsletter

  • December edition of the WUPPI newsletter:
  • Introduction with summary of the activities in 2016
  • Plastmo story: PVC recycling and the strengths of the material for building material use
  • VinylPlus story: How VinylPlus is a flagship for circular economy
  • Currently 108 subscribers 
  • Opening rate 58 %

Communication activities planned for 2017:

  • Update and maintenance of website – revision of text and graphics, expansion of certain pages, addition of extra pages for news etc.
  • SEO project to increase Google ranking for the website (ongoing process)
  • Establishment of LinkedIn presence
  • Campaign to involve members in the LinkedIn presence
  • 2 sign-up campaigns for newsletter distributed throughout the year
  • Production of 3-4 newsletters
  • Distribution of newsletter stories to news media, via LinkedIn and via members
  • Ongoing PR effort and VinylPlus branding

Key Learnings & Hard Points 

  • The increased focus on circular economy will help pushing the public administration  in direction of accepting PVC as a easy recyclable material
  • Most significand expressed by the municipality of Aarhus (second largest city)
  • Recycling of PVC is difficult from a financial point of view:
  • Land-fill is cheaper
  • Low oil and raw material prices reduce the attractiveness of recycling
  • European standards and especially the Nordic Polymark standards are restricting the possibilities of using recyclate in pipes
  • Transportation cost due to the lack of possibilities for using the lead-containing recyclate in Denmark is an extra financial burden
  • WUPPI will also need support from VinylPlus in the years to come

Contribution to the VinylPlus Communication Vision

  • Business Value:
  • VinylPlus is mentioned in newsletters with a full article
  • Open dialogue:
  • Member companies are encouraged to share news and to encourage employees to learn more about PVC recycling
  • One voice:
  • WUPPI and VinylPlus are being shown as close collaborators and united in a shared vision
  • Environmental performance:
  • WUPPI news and communications always have the focus on the environmental benefits


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