Media Field Trip: exploring the PVC value chain

The commitment of VinylPlus and European Plasticisers to sustainability was promoted through a media trip in Barcelona, Spain. Thirteen journalists from six European countries were shown production and recycling plants, and they had the opportunity to see the plants in operation and get to know people that work in the industry.

Contact: M. Mastrantonio at mim@cefic.be

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Roadshow Plus: European Plasticisers meets the Polish chemical industry

With Roadshow Plus, dedicated to Polish regulators, industry associations and brand holders, European Plasticisers concluded its biennial programme aiming to promote a dialogue on PVC plasticisers’ sustainability among industry and government stakeholders of European countries. 
More than 25 representatives of the Polish chemical industry, PVC converters and competent authorities, as well as government representatives and academics, gathered in Warsaw for a workshop organised by European Plasticisers in collaboration with VinylPlus and PIPC, the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry.
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Roadshows, e-magazine, outreach to national associations

VinylPlus and its achievements were actively promoted through social media, participation in conferences and exhibitions, and TEPPFA’s e-magazine and roadshows. Regular presentations on the progress and achievements of VinylPlus were made to national associations.

The targets were: pipe producers, the pipes sector, associated stakeholders and European policy makers; stakeholders from the plastic pipes industry; and members of national associations that are not in TEPPFA.


SMART Hospital

The SMART project – from the acronym of the Italian words for sanitation, maintenance, environment, recycling and TCO (total cost of ownership) – aims to promote a new design approach for hospital buildings using PVC applications.

Rooms are designed with sustainable elements, including PVC flooring and wall coverings, window frames, pipes, cables and furniture. These facilitate cleaning and disinfection and increase patients’ comfort and safety.

Contact: carlociotti@pvcforum.it

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The TURQUOISE project is aimed at increasing the use of recycled soft PVC in France, both through the development of new markets and applications, and through communications and promotion. In November 2017, the I.deel’s 100%-recycled PVC indoor product Carrelag.i® won the Innovation Awards of the Maison&Travaux magazine
in the Coup de Coeur category.


Building a new European vinyl films & sheets organisation

VFSE57 is a new organisation representing European suppliers of plastics sheets, films and foils. It is concerned with European business and recycling activities in the packaging, automotive and decoration markets. The organisation was launched in 2017 with a media relations campaign, and a website was developed to promote its activities and its partnership with VinylPlus.


Operation PVC Recycling: PVC recyclers meet PVC converters

This project aimed to raise awareness of existing PVC recycling activities and to stimulate demand for recycling. The recycling activities and achievements of VinylPlus and its national project partners – such as AgPR59, Rewindo and Roofcollect® – were presented at the 22nd Demolition Conference (Fachtagung Abbruch) in Berlin.

Events were organised at the sites of two converters and one recycler to connect recycling companies with converters, so that they could learn about existing and new recycling processes and products.

Contact: thomas.huelsmann@agpu.com

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Energy- and resource- efficient building products for public procurement

This project focused on PVC products providing sustainable solutions in public procurement, thanks to their energy- and resource-efficiency, and their low whole-life cost. The magazine KBD was selected again in 2017 as the media for advertorials and technical articles, due to its special relevance for decision makers, local authorities and public procurement operators.

Contact: thomas.huelsmann@agpu.com 

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