Sporting Community and VinylPlus

VinylPlus partners with the sporting community: She Runs – Active Girls’ Lead 2019

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SheRuns Active Girls' Lead 2019 took place in Paris in March 2019, and brought together 2,500 young women from 35 countries to promote female emancipation, leadership and health through sport, in the form of races and a sports village. During the event, VinylPlus demonstrated the sustainable use of PVC, highlighting PVC’s role in improving the environmental impact of sports events. The latter is becoming increasingly important to achieve a circular economy.

In the run-up to the event, VinylPlus and the International School Sport Federation (ISF) signed a joint ‘Environmental Action’ that ensured PVC was re-used and recycled after the event. The ‘Environmental Action’ had six commitments, from sourcing PVC in line with the VinylPlus sustainability programme to ensuring the re-use and recycling of PVC products after the event. All the PVC products used at the event were provided by VinylPlus’s partners: Gerflor; Novafloor, Simona; Serge Ferrari; A. Kolckmann, Renolit and Dickson.

Through the VinylPlus stand in the SheRuns sports village, the team explained the sustainable use of PVC at sporting events to the young women participating in the event. The stand was decked out with PVC walls, flooring, goodies, yoga balls and yoga mats – all of which were reused of recycled after the event. The flooring, made of 32% recycled PVC, was donated to a school in Paris, and the rigid PVC walls will be recycled by a VinylPlus partner, CIFRA France.

PVC products at She Runs – reusable, recyclable, sustainable from VinylPlus on Vimeo.