The recycling of PVC waste in Europe (2004)

The study performed by AJI-EUROPE on behalf of Vinyl 2010 between September 2005 and January 2006 has three main objectives:
• Prepare a quantitative inventory of post-consumer PVC waste currently collected and recycled in the EU15
+ Poland and identify the proportions of this waste originating from key applications (window profiles, other profiles, pipes, cables, flooring, coated fabrics)
• Assess the amounts of post industrial PVC waste which are currently recycled, either “in-situ” by the processors or processed by recyclers outside the processing plant where it has been generated
• Identify the main factors of evolution and carry-out a quantitative forecast of PVC waste recycling in 2010.

As requested by Vinyl 2010 in the Terms of Reference of this study: ”Vinyl 2010 may use the results in discussions with key stakeholders, including the EU Commission and Parliament. The results must therefore be robust enough to withstand scrutiny from such stakeholders, and to be submitted to verification by a recognised independent body. The consultant will be expected to self-assess and comment on the reliability and accuracy of the assembled and resulting information/data.”