Progress Report 2002

This second report on the Voluntary Commitment of the PVC industry fulfils our promise to publish an annual progress review. Public reporting is a key element of our voluntary approach and it demonstrates our willingness to work openly with all stakeholders.

The past year has been very important for the European PVC industry partners involved in implementing the Voluntary Commitment. We have forged ahead with our ‘learning by doing’ approach, strengthening the partnership and confidence between each part of our supply chain. After external consultation and internal debate, we extended the Voluntary Commitment in October 2001 to include additional commitments on the total replacement of lead stabilisers and recycling schemes for both flooring and roofing membranes. This year has also seen us introduce external verification for our progress report and the development of Vinyl 2010, a legal structure to oversee future implementation.

The Progress Report is svailable in: DE, FR, EN, IT, NL, ES, PT