Visualise and promote the recycling of old PVC windows and the re-use of recyclates for new PVC windows

The general aim of this project is the promotion of the idea of recycling PVC, specifically concerning window profiles, within demolition and waste disposal companies, manufacturers, and the housing and real estate industry. This will be done through the documentation of best practice cases through on-site press conferences and media coverage, and by involving key players within the controlled loop management of PVC so as to expand the network. Advertisements will also be placed in magazines of the window, waste and demolition industry so as to promote the idea of re-use of recyclates within new recycling profiles and promoting the demand of recovered PVC.

Contact: Michael Vetter, at michael.vetter@rewindo.de


The ojective of the Turquoise project is to develop a viable recycling chain in France for post-consumer PVC floor covering waste. The main partners are: SITA for shredding, Novafloor for recycling & I-déel for commercialisation and distribution. As the recycling solution was found and has successfully functionned, it became obvious that Novafloor needed a structure for the commercialisation distribution of its products. I-déel was therefore set up by the end of 2016, acting as the intermediate between customers and Novafloor in order to improve and develop sales. This project will create specific documentation for retailer stores, and increase I-deel's visibility through press articles and professional meetings.

Contact: S. Jacob, at  sjacob@kalei-services.org

Branding of PVC in the circular economy agenda

The WUPPI system is a brand in Denmark, recognized as an efficient system for recycling of rigid PVC building products. It is estimated that the system takes care of 60-65% of available post-consumer rigid PVC waste. The project's objective is to achieve external recognition of the WUPPI system, owners and associated companies and their products amongst public and private decision makers within the building sector. The project also aims to strengthen the VinylPlus brand. These objectives will be achieved through advertising on LinkedIn and AdWord, participation in exhibitions and seminars, and social media activities, as well as the production of a training package and marketing materials: PowerPoint presentations, newsletters, rollup banners for exhibition stands, brochures, small video interviews of members, website updates.

Contact: K. Jensen, at kj@wuppi.dk

Communication and advocacy action dedicated to parliamentary and government agents, elected representatives and members of the French administration to show them the circularity of the PVC sector

The goal of the project was to demonstrate to parliamentary and government agents, elected representatives and members of the French administration, the manner in which both flexible and rigid PVC material is indeed recycled and reintegrated into new building products. This will be done through the visit of two industrial sites: PAPREC Trémentines (recycling rigid & flexible PVC) and NICOLL Cholet (using recycled rigid PVC). The visits were accompanied by infomration regarding the circular economy and PVC, and discussions around the associated problems (additives inherited, etc.)

Contact: H. Millet at herve.millet@plasticseurope.org