RecoCard –   Recycling PVC gift cards

RecoCard – Recycling PVC gift cards

In the UK, one million old PVC store gift cards were reprocessed and recycled in a pioneering trial. They provided material for use in new products such as irrigation pipes, thus saving 10 tonnes of plastics from being landfilled.

Managed by Axion Consulting and BPF, the RecoCard trial involved Jellyfish Livewire58, Recovinyl partner RPCS
(Rubber Plastic Collection Service) and the retailer B&Q (www.diy.com) which provided the old cards. In 2017, the RecoCard take-back and recycling scheme was promoted in the UK with a media relations campaign.

The scheme could be extended to other types of cards, such as loyalty cards and hotel key cards. In the UK around two billion PVC gift and store cards, equivalent to 2,500 tonnes, are produced every year. 

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Acknowledgment for the environmental performance of recycled PVC

Acknowledgment for the environmental performance of recycled PVC

The project aimed to reduce resistance to the use of rigid PVC in building products for public procurement, raising awareness of PVC’s environmental performance and of VinylPlus. An intense communications campaign focused on the WUPPI60 scheme, using an integrated mix of public relations, social media, sign-up campaigns and newsletters. WUPPI handles 60-65% of the post-consumer rigid PVC waste available in Denmark.

Contact: K. Jensen at kj@wuppi.dk

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