TEPPFA roadshows events, e-magazine

To promote the VinylPlus programme through specific TEPPFA communication activities.

Throughout 2015, TEPPFA ensured the promotion of the VinylPlus programme and its achievements through 3 specific activities:

  • TEPPFA Roadshow Events
    These events provided an opportunity to have a direct contact with SMEs pipe producers who are not direct company members of TEPPFA. A sustainability Workshop was held in June 2015, in Split (Croatia), and gathered representatives from the Croatian Ministries of Environment and Industry, together with pipe producers. The programme included a presentation of TEPPFA activities linked to VinylPlus and the benefits they provide.

  • TEPPFA Forum 2015
    The forum is the annual communication event organized by TEPPFA. This year’s event gathered 150 participants, among them policy makers, representatives of the European Commission and other stakeholders. VinylPlus was present at the event with a presentation on VinylPlus achievements and with a booth in the exhibition area.

  • TEPPFA e-Magazine
    The magazine is sent out to over 5,000 people associated with the plastic pipes industry and EU policy makers. The last edition of 2015 included an article on VinylPlus: Recycling PVC helped to create 1,000 jobs in Europe.

Contact: Claudia Topalli info@teppfa.eu

Educating local authorities & housing associations on PVC building product's sustainability credentials

British Plastics Federation (BPF) - U.K.


  • To promote PVC with procurement professionals and decision makers for private sector housing associations, private sector construction companies and private sector Do-It-Yourselves (DIY) retailers.
  • To engage with them by sharing promotional material, good examples, case studies and solid unbiased data that they can use in their communications.


  • Expansion of existing contact database to include building companies, housing companies, DIY retailers. 
  • Arrange meeting(s) with key UK Local Authorities (LAs) with PVC restrictions in place to follow up on the communications made in 2014 and help them speed up the process to reverse their restrictions.
  • Improve reltaionships with building companies, housing associations and DIY retailers that have positive approaches towards using PVC products.
  • Achieve significant exposure with decision makers in local government / building companies / housing associations with a view to influencing specification and buying decisions.
  • Use a number of events to engage with potential ambassadors of PVC products and promote the VinylPlus label.  These events will include trade shows for building companies and DIY sector and other events for public sector.


  • The BPF database was expanded through a mix of contacts from BPF members and BPF presence at procurement trade shows. Through regular contacts with this database, BPF received positive results in identifying and helping to change procurement legislation at local authority level, including that of Islington Council (http://www.islington.gov.uk/services/business-licensing/opportunities/selling_council/Pages/default.aspx).
  • Contact was taken with 10 Local Authorities across the UK discussing on their negative stances on PVC procurement. BPF explained to them the positive use of PVC through proven case studies, including sustainability and the value of PVC products.
  • Contacts were established with building companies, housing associations and DIY retailers, helping to build relationship with them and supply key information about the benefits of specifying PVC.
  • Several e-bulletins were sent through a publication relevant for local government executives (http://thebpf.co.uk/t/H0P-3EYF5-162C95SJA7/cr.aspx). An article was also published in the Government Business Magazine, promoting the benefits of using PVC in construction. 
  • Procurex trade shows were identified as a key opportunity to engage with local authorities.  Therefore BPF visited “Procurex Manchester" and exhibited at "Procurex South" (London) and "Procurex Scotland" (Glasgow), handing out literature about successful PVC in construction case studies, the VinylPlus Progress Report 2015, and other materials.

Contact: Francisco Morcillo 

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