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    PVC industry reports on progress

    At the close of the European PVC Value Chain’s annual meeting, on 27 April, the first year results of its new ten year sustainability initiative – VinylPlus – were presented. Despite significant challenges caused by the economic crisis, ... Read more
  • The vinyl industry’s contribution to sustainability Events

    The vinyl industry’s contribution to sustainability

    Together, under the theme “People, Planet, Prosperity - The vinyl industry’s contribution to sustainability,” we will address the most pressing challenges of our times: allowing our economy to prosper while at the same time making better use of ... Read more
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    Product Stewardship Programme and South Af. Vinyl Industry

    The 24 members of the Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) have committed themselves to the responsible and sustainable use of PVC with the signing of the industry’s Product Stewardship Programme (PSP) at the Association’s Annual General Meeting held in Midrand.
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    Europe's PVC industry looks to the future - Interview

    Speaking to European Plastics News, chairman Josef Ertl said: "VinylPlus is a continuation of Vinyl 2010, which was a great success, so we are trying to continue these achievements. We met our first targets and are now looking ... Read more
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    European PVC industry launches VinylPlus

    The VinylPlus programme is built around five commitments aimed at: achieving a quantum leap in recycling rates of PVC and the development of innovative recycling technologies; addressing concerns about organochlorine emissions; ensuring the sustainable use of additives; enhancing ... Read more
  • Ten-year targets on sustainable development have been met News

    Ten-year targets on sustainable development have been met

    The European PVC industry released on 12 April the final Progress Report on Vinyl 2010 – the ten-year voluntary commitment launched in 2000 to enhance the sustainable production and use of PVC. The report highlights the huge advances ... Read more