Barbara Kreissler

Former Head of the Business Partnerships Group
VSF 2014 – Rome, 8 May 2014

UNIDO is particularly proud to have an industry-wide partnership such as VinylPlus on the Green Industry Platform. The recent milestones they have achieved demonstrate how the private sector can be transformative in nature and can take the lead in achieving an important step towards sustainability objectives and realizing a more inclusive and sustainable model of industrial development. This partnership model is therefore of great relevance not only in the European context, but also for developing and transition economies that are just beginning their journey of sustainable economic growth.

Heinz Leuenberger

Former Director of UNIDO’s Environmental Management Branch
Guangzhou (China), 9 November 2013

The participation of VinylPlus (in the Green Industry Platform) enables the European PVC industry to be a key contributor to the global promotion of a more sustainable model of industrial production. While often seen as an environmental threat, plastics also offer immense potential in terms of resource efficiency and recycling measures, and we look forward to working with VinylPlus in achieving our shared objectives.

Tomas Anker Christensen

Ambassador and former Senior Advisor at the United Nations Office for Partnerships
VSF 2013 – Istanbul, 26 April 2013

Partnerships are a key enabler for achieving progress on agreed development goals, including sustainable development. VinylPlus has demonstrated success and we are keen to see how the European industry challenges itself to be more ambitious and concrete in addressing identified challenges. Industry has a critical role to play in accelerating change, greening the economy and driving sustainable progress around the world.

Patricia Chaves

Former Head of the Partnerships Program of the Division for Sustainable Development at the United Nations
Rio de Janeiro, June 2012

Vinyl is for us one of the most successful Partnerships since the Partnerships program was established.
From the United Nations and from the Division for Sustainable Development we have followed the work done by Vinyl and Vinyl 2010. We are very honored and privileged to know that there is a VinylPlus, that there is a future for the PVC industry in Europe.

Sajjad Karim

Former Member of the European Parliament
VinylPlus launch – Brussels, June 2011

Legislation is not necessary the best answer in every situation. Vinyl 2010 is a perfect example of an industry doing something on a voluntary basis to act in the interest of the European Union as a whole