When und why did your company decide to join VinylPlus?gross

For more than 50 year, GF DEKA has been involved with plastic pipe systems. Nowadays, these materials are indispensable, first of all PVC. Cooperation with engaged organizations like VinylPlus - which we are in contact with from day one - and some ingenious people have brought PVC to the current high-tech product which fulfills high quality requirements and extreme claims on safety and service. Good reasons for cooperation with VinylPlus.

What is your perception of the programme? How would you describe VinylPlus?
To be a partner of VinylPlus not only means we receive good and  careful information but we are part of worldwide activities related to PVC. The programme offers a great chance with its important facts and it is a promise to the European PVC industry to trust in a sustainable product.

What are the key challenges the PVC industry will have to address?
Forcing innovation, research and development to discover and to provide new fields where PVC might be the first choice, particularly in the highly sensitive world of High-Tech and medicine. And last but not least, the large topic of recycling. We are sure that strong efforts will lead to an improved recycling culture. Here, VinylPlus together with PVC industry is forced to act now.

Do you consider a programme like VinylPlus can impact your business?  How?
Yes, indeed! Raising the bar means you have to do your utmost best to achieve your goals, again and again - and together with all those who take part in.

How could you encourage other companies to join VinylPlus?
Close cooperation between VinylPlus and European PVC industry opens the window to the future of PVC.