JskinnerWhen and why did your company decide to join VinylPlus? 
We had been aware of VinylPlus for some time and had discussed the merits of becoming a member extensively. We agreed that the initiative was in sympathy with the views and ambitions of our company and made the commitment to join in spring of this year, making Epwin the first UK window profile extrusion manufacturer to join the scheme.

What is your perception of the programme? How would you describe VinylPlus? 
Clearly we share the values promoted by the VinylPlus program and believe that by uniting the industry across a European wide base we can gain greater credibility and momentum. VinylPlus embraces our values and can act as a platform to responsibly promote these known benefits to all levels of consumer ensuring we maintain and grow our reputation in the eyes of our publics.

What are the key challenges the PVC industry will have to address? 
The PVC industry has faced many challenges in its history and it is fair to say that much of what is said can be seen as negative and ill informed. Unfortunately due to ignorance or resistance to change our challenge remains that we must continue to educate and encourage a better understanding of our processes. We have always robustly defended our products with reasoned and scientific facts and whilst this has generally proved to secure positive outcomes we remain aware that we must remain vigilant and proactive in our promotion of our industry and the benefits offered. 

Do you consider a programme like VinylPlus can impact your business? How?
Our hope is that our commitment to VinylPlus will encourage other manufacturers to support the initiative and become part of a larger more influential movement. We see the program as a platform for sustainability and long term stability; providing vital goods and services and stable employment environments that allow people to prosper. In today’s commercial and financial climates it is no longer possible to remain in isolation. The world communicates much differently and certainly more efficiently. In promoting a clear and transparent message and story book of our industry together we will have a stronger voice. We see VinylPlus as the route to enable this to become a living reality.
How could you encourage other companies to join VinylPlus? 
With the simple message ‘think about your business; think about your future’ by joining together we can all contribute to support the industry that supports us and ensure we have loyal and well informed customers who remain confident in our processes & products!