Newcomer interview with Geir Vegsund, H-Produkter AS

12 Feb 2013

Why did your company decide to join VinylPlus?

PVC windows keep increasing their market share in Norway. Over the last two years we have more than doubled our production capacity. With more than 20 years experience with PVC-windows we are convinced that we have an environmentally friendly product, assuming the products are being recycled. We registered as a VinylPlus partner to join the European PVC industry in the work for continuous improvement of PVC and the recycling systems.

What is your perception of the programme?

The programme is essential for the European PVC industry in tackling the sustainability challenges for PVC. The programme brings together a wide range of companies with a common commitment - sustainable development.

What are the key challenges the PVC industry will have to address?

PVC products of poor quality and/or with unknown content of chemicals are a major challenge for the recycling process. Another challenge in the Norwegian market is the lack of a joint system to collect PVC products. As of today, it is up to the individual manufacturer to arrange for the collection and recycling of their own products.

How do you think VinylPlus can impact your business?

Focus on PVC and recycling will help us and our suppliers to keep working for even better quality PVC and even better recycling systems. With better recycling systems in each country, more and more of PVC products will be recycled. In turn, this will raise the demand for documented content of chemicals in the different products, which again will push the manufacturers to use high quality PVC.

How could you encourage other companies to join VinylPlus?

The entire PVC industry benefits from the work of VinylPlus. We encourage all of the PVC converting and compounding companies in Europe to support VinylPlus in order to contribute to continuously imrpoving of PVC.