Speaking on the first day, VinylPlus Manager, Brigitte Dero presented an overview of VinylPlus’ approach and experience in greening the European PVC industry and products. “We are happy to be in Brighton” commented Brigitte Dero. “The world has evolved since we were here as Vinyl2010 and so has our programme. The new 10-year commitment has a more holistic approach. Now we are addressing sustainability as a whole and have more ambitious goals around five key challenges for PVC, covering waste management and product stewardship, but also sustainable use of additives, sustainable use of energy and raw materials as well as sustainability awareness”. 

“We believe that our initiative’s success depends on the direct participation of the highest possible number of companies so PVC 2014 is a fantastic opportunity to connect with the whole PVC industry and show that VinylPlus is actually walking the talk”, Dero added. 

The triennial conference is the world's largest PVC forum providing information, education, debate and discussion on key topics for the industry. This year, emphasis has been given to how PVC continues to develop, meeting the challenges of business and sustainability aiming to inspire innovation across its vast range of applications.

“Over 450 delegates from across the globe registered for PVC 2014. They had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the achievements and progress of the very ambitious targets set by VinylPlus”, said Stuart Patrick, Chair of the PVC Brighton Organising Committee IOM3. “Innovation around sustainable development in rigid and flexible PVC has now become a very important aspect in our programme and this year we had a significant number of papers covering this area.”