VinylPlus® Product Label: Extension of Certification Validity due to COVID-19

31 Mar 2020



Due to unprecedented uncertainties brought on by COVID-19, VinylPlus is taking action to reduce the pandemic’s burden on the industry.

The following measures aim to minimise the disruptions in the market, by allowing those companies whose VinylPlus® Product Label certificates expire during the months of the outbreak to continue benefiting from the Certification.

Therefore, VinylPlus establishes the following:

  • All VinylPlus® Product Label certificates with the validity date expiring between 20 February and 30 June 2020 will be automatically extended for a period of 6 months
  • The onsite audits for the new applicants scheduled during this period, will be postponed whenever required by the applicant’s and/or the certification body’s company policy

Dr Brigitte Dero

Managing Director, VinylPlus


VinylPlus Statement in PDF


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