The VinylPlus® Product Label Recognised as a Label for Sustainable Public Purchasing in Belgium

18 Jun 2020

The VinylPlus® Product Label has been recognised, alongside well established sustainability labels such as FSC, PEFC, Cradle to Cradle, Der Blaue Engel or The Nordic Swan, as a label for sustainable public purchasing in Belgium.

Launched two years ago to allow the partners of VinylPlus® to certify the sustainability performance of their PVC building and construction products, the VinylPlus® Product Label has recently been recognised by the Belgian Federal Institute for Sustainable Development (FIDO) as suitable to be in integrated into public procurement specifications, fulfilling the 5 criteria of article 43(1) of EU Directive 2014/24/EU on public procurement

This recognition in Belgium comes after the integration of the Label in the Duurzaam Schrijnwerk/Menuiserie Durable label from the Belgian Construction Certification Association, to be officially launched by the Belgian carpentry manufacturers in autumn 2020.

To date, the VinylPlus® Product Label is proudly held by 10 companies, partners of VinylPlus®: Deceuninck, Epwin Window System, Finstral, Gealan, Internorm, Rehau, Salamander, Schüco, VEKA and Verseidag.