#VSF2020 - Programme Announced!

26 Aug 2020
The VinylPlus Sustainability Forum 2020 programme will cover the following topics:
- VinylPlus® – A united industry’s voluntary commitment to sustainability, transparency, and leadership
- Embracing the EU’s Circular Economy ambitions
- #CIRCULARVINYL - Contributing to the success of the Circular Plastics Alliance
- Rewarding and recognising sustainability - The VinylPlus® Product Label  
- Paving the way towards 2030 and beyond
- Building together the PVC industry of tomorrow & addressing our stakeholders’ priorities
Over the last 20 years, we have witnessed the profound impact that a global awareness of sustainability has had on business. As a united industry we have worked together to tackle the challenges of circularity, taken an active lead on environmental issues, adopted innovation and new technologies and forged partnerships across the industry.

Sustainability, accountability and transparency have always underpinned our programme and enabled us to embrace policy initiatives impacting the plastics sector, as shown by our active participation in the Circular Plastics Alliance. Through the VinylPlus® Product Label, the sustainability certification scheme for PVC products in the building and construction sector, VinylPlus also recognises companies delivering the highest sustainability performance and contribution to the Circular Economy.

It has been an amazing journey and one VinylPlus is proud to continue with all our partners and stakeholders looking to 2030 and beyond. With the culmination of the voluntary commitment to sustainable development and the achievement of our targets in sight, the hard work is not behind us. The dynamic policy landscape covering the European Green Deal, Circular Economy, sustainable development, energy efficiency, climate change, preservation of biodiversity, and much more makes #CIRCULARVINYL more relevant than ever.

Contact Noelle Tracey for any additional information.