PVC recyclers meet PVC converters

Presentation of the VinylPlus recycling activities and the national project partners such as AgPR, EPCOAT, KRV, Rewindo and Roofcollect at four locations including Berlin.

Energy & Sustainability Master Class

Organisation: PVC Forum Italia

Timing: June - December 2012

Goal of the projectThe Energy & Sustainability Master Class is a project of communication, information, education and professional training for designers, construction companies, producers of constructive elements and final users. It aims at promoting innovation and quality and at guaranteeing the final users on the durable and safe use of products, with particular attention to energy and sustainability aspects for the construction of sustainable and nearly-zeroenergy buildings.

The Energy & Sustainability Master Class addresses the analysis of production, design and management of systems and components for different applications.

Project Development or methodologyThe Master Class project included a series of conferences for installers(3-5 October), companies and converters (Oct. - Dec.), designers (22 November), users and administrators (Dec. 2012 - Jan. 2013). Theconjunction with other meetings/events on sustainability organised inthe same period such as MADE and SAIE, suggested the PVC Forum to exploit synergies, in some cases, with other external events.

The Master Class installation was organised in the framework of the Made Expo, where the majority of the installers were present (more than 300 people attended the six courses).

The Master Class for companies and converters was separated indifferent meetings dedicated to specific applications sectors.

The Master Class for users and administrators has been presented to primary administrators associations.

Project outcome or (expected) results: In total more than 600 people, companies representatives, designers, installers, administrators of buildings, were involved in the Master Class.

A specific documentation has been set up in order to provide participants with a solid background on PVC sustainability and on PVC industry sustainable development programmes.

Technical documents on PVC applications in the B&C sector were also provided and speakers’ presentations and lecture notes included. All the materials were collected and distributed in electronic format with a USB key. All the materials (invitation letters, press releases, official communications, etc) included the VinylPlus and PVC Forum logos.

A communication campaign supported the development of the project in order to maximise visibility and impact on stakeholders.

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Regional conference on recycling and sustainability awareness

Organisation: AGPU, Working Group PVC and Environment

Timing: 13 December 2012

Goal of the project: Around 30 experts from North-Rhine Westphalia from the fields of PVC recycling, PVC processing and waste logistics used the opportunity of the dialogue-based event to present their services, needs and PVC recycling products to the other participants. This took place in the form of a brief introductory session at the start, a personal discussion, and a presentation on the big screen in the lounge theatre. Some participants provided interesting insights into their recycling activities beforehand, introducing their companies, and providing answers and explanations on camera, filmed by a professional crew.

Project development or methodology: During the event, participants were also given the chance to learn about the successful AGPU PVC Recycling Finder. The online market place provides relevant industry information right around the clock, highlighting specific recycling methods for PVC waste, and offering recycled materials and products for purchase.

Project outcome or (expected) results: As a modern mix of personal dialogue, presentation and “business speed dating”, the event received high praise. Several solutions were discussed between participants (foamed PVC sheet, coated fabrics).

The event run jointly by AGPU and VinylPlus produced several video clips, which were published on VinylTV and made available to the participants. The first video was viewed by more than 1,350 people until 15th of March.

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Dialogue Convention Environmental and Consumer Protection – Acceptance and Credibility

Organisation: AGPU, Working Group PVC and Environment

Timing: 22 and 23 October 2012

Goal of the project: Since the mid-1990s, the Working Group PVC and Environment (AGPU) has been organising dialogue conventions with decision-makers from industry, trade, the building industry, environmentalism, the medical profession, and journalism. In this continuously expanding network, participants exchange information on sustainable development beyond their sectors and address topics such as energy efficiency, recycling, and environmental and consumer protection. This event was carried out by the European sustainability initiative VinylPlus and AGPU together with PVCplus in the Belgian town of Maillen near Namur in order to expand the existing network on European level.

Project development or methodology: The event drew up on the dialogue convention in Montabaur from the summer of 2011 on the same topic. The goal was to strengthen cooperation in the industry supply chain and trade in order toprovide consumers directly with reliable information about products, product safety, and environmental compatibility. Initiatives by NGOs and national agencies such as the German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) contribute to uncertainties and show an increasing need for public information.

The current appeal by Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND) andthe German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) to consumers toobtain information on substances from companies in accordance with Article 33 of REACH shows a present need for action.

Project outcome or (expected) results: The participants at the dialogue convention appreciated the unusual concept for intensive personal exchange and explicitly requested a continuation of this kind of dialogue. Some found the number of participants should be increased.

The need for future scenarios about specific topics could begathered from the discussions following the lectures.

Additional information:Which role will sustainability play in the next few decades? How can people experience happiness and enthusiasm in a world characterised by population growth, dwindling resources, and restrictions? What effect will the REACH Regulation have on industry and trade in the next few years? How will the world change in view of dwindling resources, population growth, and climate change?



Raising Awareness of PVC Sustainability in the UK and the Critical Contribution of VinylPlus

Organisation: British Plastics Federation (BPF)

Timing: January 2012 - January 2013

Goal of the project: The main aim of this project was to ensure that the fifth VinylPlus challenge, "sustainability awareness", would be met in the UK by putting in place a dedicated programme of activities to provide information toall stakeholders about PVC sustainability and the benefits of the VinylPlus approach.

The project put particular emphasis on highlighting the key role PVC products played at the London 2012 Olympics as well as promoting the cost savings achievable by using PVC products.

Project development or methodology: The project was split into three key activities:

  1. Seminar for the UK PVC industry and its customer chain looking at PVC as the "Positive Sustainable Procurement Choice"
  2. Briefing seminar for UK Government Officials on PVC sustainability and the achievements of Vinyl2010 / VinylPlus
  3. Communications campaign to promote PVC sustainability by exploiting the prominent use of PVC at the London 2012 Olympics as well as the results of the Althesys "Total Costof Ownership" report. This was achieved through the development of two animated videos as well as printed literature and online content.

Project outcome or (expected) results: The industry seminar, held on 2nd October at the Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester UK, attracted record numbers featuring presentations from both VinylPlus and Recovinyl.

Two animated videos, "PVC in Sport" and "Making Savings with PVC", are now available on the BPF’s YouTube channel and have been positively received with views recorded across the globe.The ‘PVC in Sport’ video was launched in conjunction with an accompanying brochure.

The project concluded with the briefing seminar for UK Government Officials on 18th January 2013. This now looks likely to become an annual event.

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Finnish PVC Seminar

Organisation: Finnish Plastics Industries Federation

Timing: 17-24 August 2012

Goal of the project: Raise awareness of the VinylPlus programme along the PVC value-chain from Northern European countries.

Project outcome or (expected) results: Over 60 participants, mainly CEO’s, sales, R&D and product development representatives, attended the seminar. Visitors from outside Finland came from Sweden, Baltic countries and Russian.

The Finnish Plastics Industries Federation website registered 590 visitors on the PVC seminar page alone – traffic on the site is usually around 70 visitors per day. Many contacts were made before and after the event, even though it was held towards the end of the summer.

Speaker notes were delivered both in paper and electronic format. Programme leaflets were part of the seminar package distributed in the vinyl Plus folders.

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