PVC recyclers meet PVC converters

AGPU (Arbeitsgemeinschaft PVC und Umwelt e. V.), Germany


  • To raise awareness of existing PVC recycling activities and create a demand for further recycling and products containing or existing of PVC-recyclates.
  • To gather recycling companies and converters to learn about VinylPlus recycling activities and achievements and to present national project partners such as AgPR, EPCOAT, KRV, Rewindo and Roofcollect.
  • To learn about existing and new recycling processes and products. Converters and Recyclers will also have the opportunity to present their products and demands.

AGPU organized four events in 2015:

- Berlin Demolition Specialist Conference - March 4th & 5th: AGPU and VinylPlus teamed up with the “Aktion PVC Recycling” exhibition stand. This specialist conference, one of the biggest events on demolition in Europe, gathered 7000 participants and 80 exhibitors.

‘PVC recyclers and PVC Converters’ regional events

  • AgPR Flooring Recycling – Troisdorf – June 30th
  • IHK – Stuttgart – September 22nd
  • VEKA – Hoersselberg-Hainich – November 12th

These three regional events gathered in total 60 experts, who presented their individual offers and needs onagpu discussion recycled material and their recycling quantities.

Key Learnings
There is an interest in the industry to learn more on:

  • PVC recycling volumes and products in Germany
  • Achievements of the VinylPlus recycling targets
  • New business developments and opportunities
  • Identification of mechanical recycling solutions instead of waste incineration
  • Opportunities and limitations of mechanical recycling

    Contact: Thomas Hülsmann

Energy & resource efficiency products for public procurement

AGPU (Arbeitsgemeinschaft PVC und Umwelt e. V.), Germany


  • Position PVC products as sustainable solutions in public procurement by demonstrating their energy- and resource-efficiency at lowest whole life cost.
  • Make use of a combination of editorial articles and advertisements in magazines which are relevant for public procurement managers. The articles will present success stories which demonstrate the sustainable “value” of PVC products and a responsible industry.

Actions / Deliverables
AGPU selected three magazines with special relevance for decision makers in local authorities and public procurement:

- Kommunaler Beschaffungs-Dienst (KBD) with advertorials and title stories on:

  • Mobile flood protection systems
  • High performance material for sports and leisure
  • Product Stewardship by PVC recycling
  • Maintenance and renovation

- Kommunalwirtschaft with 2 advertorials on:

  • Sport buildings
  • Sustainable building

- Umwelt Magazin with a technical report on sustainable building.

Contact: Thomas Hülsmann

AGPU logo

Creating awareness along the value chain

PVC Forum Italia - Italy


• To sensitize employees and sales forces of PVC Forum Italia member companies, as well as their customers and/or installers, on the progress made towards PVC sustainability and on the importance of the VinylPlus Voluntary Commitment, in a format integrated in their own communications.

• To create a kind of Multimedia “information package”, consisting of PowerPoint presentations, documents, roll-ups, videos, etc. Focus will be given to PVC sustainability, including recovery, recycling and the VinylPlus activities. The multimedia “information package” will be managed and presented by the PVC Forum Italia during conventions and internal and corporate meetings of the PVC Forum member companies.

Actions / Deliverables

  • It was clearly identified that the most interested sectors were window profiles and pipes.
  • It was agreed to implement the multimedia “information package” at company’s events as well as at other events organized by specifiers and designers associations where member companies were involved.
  • PVC Forum Italia participated at 16 events: 11 for the window profiles sector (with company sales forces, customers, installers) and 5 for the pipes sector (with technical staff, customers, specifiers, designers).

Key Learnings
The multimedia “information package” proposed by the PVC Forum Italia was very well received by member companies, customers and installers.
The Q&A sessions helped to better understand the needs of the market in terms of communications and information on PVC sustainability, in particular on:

  • the absence of significant issues for PVC products and applications, achieved through the work of VinylPlus and PVC Forum Italia;
  • the importance of LCAs and the concept of durability and long life of PVC applications in terms of sustainability;
  • the need of updated information on the Italian and European legislation concerning the end-of-life of PVC; the importance of having updated data and studies on the different sectors of the market in Italy, including numbers on imports and exports, (i.e. windows, pipes, etc.) such as those provided by the PVC Forum Italia;
  • the importance for associations such as the PVC Forum Italia of being representative of the Italian PVC industry.

Contact: Carlo Ciotti 

PVCForum Italia logo

Media Field Trip : learning about the benefits of flexible PVC


  • The main goal is to raise awareness about VinylPlus' and ECPI's commitment to sustainability through a media field trip for European trade journalists.  The project aims at giving first-hand insights into the flexible PVC value chain through visits to converting and recycling plants.  The Media Field Trip is a unique opportunity to learn about the benefits that flexible PVC products bring to everyday life with a variety of safe and high performance applications having multilpe lives. 


  • Journalists will be invited to visit flexible PVC converting companies and/or recycling facilities.
  • The event will consist of a 2-day guided tour around France visiting at least 2 different companies. Information sessions will be organized to provide participants with the necessary background for the factory visits, including presentations from ECPI and VinylPlus. ECPI will work in close collaboration with one or more French companies chosen amongst VinylPlus partners.
  • The Media Field Trip 2015 is a continuation of the Media Field Trips organised in 2013 (Belgium) and 2014 (Italy). In 2015, it will mainly focus on French Media. Nevertheless, trade publications from all around Europe will also be invited.

Contact: Michela Mastrantonio 

ECPI logo

Brand holders : building a dialogue with key stakeholders

The European Council for Plasticisers and Intermediates (ECPI) - Belgium


  • To promote the VinylPlus sustainability programme and the plasticisers industry's contribution through open dialogue with key European brand holders and retailers using or selling flexible PVC.
  • The main goal is to raise awareness about the benefits of flexible PVC and the work of VinylPlus across Europe.
  • Given the interest shown during the “Brand holders programmes” of 2013 and 2014, ECPI continues building a dialogue, responding to these companies’ willingness to know more.

Meetings’ objectives

  • Enhancing the visibility of VinylPlus and ECPI
  • Sharing the latest regulatory and scientific news about plasticisers and flexible PVC
  • Presenting the VinylPlus programme and distributing VinylPlus materials
  • Presenting ECPI and VinylPlus as the main reference and source of information for PVC and plasticisers-related topics
  • Building long-lasting relationships with key skateholders
  • Sharing best practices

8 meetings were organized in 2015 with the following organizations/companies:

  • BEUC – European Consumer Organisation
  • ORGALIME – European Engineering Industries Association
  • TIE – Toy Industries of Europe
  • Toyota & ACEA – European Automobile Manufacturers Association
  • JAMA – Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association
  • EUROPACABLE – Association of the Wire and Cable Manufacturers in Europe
  • VDA – German Association of the Automotive Industry

Contact: Michela Mastrantonio 

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The PVC stabilisers industry's journey to lead substitution

European Stabiliser Producers Association (ESPA) - Europe


  • To develop a communications toolkit, off and online, to promote the work of the PVC stabilisers industry in successfully substituting lead-based stabilisers in the EU-28 and developing alternative stabilisers as part of the VinylPlus programme.
  • The communication toolkit will be developed to be used by the entire PVC industry and the VinylPlus community.

The toolkit will include the creation of:

  • a micro website dedicated to lead substitution and the work done by the PVC stabilisers industry
  • a leaflet to present the “lead substitution journey”
  • a video animation

Actions / Deliverables

  • The homepage was completely re-vamped, showing a banner on lead substitution and highlighting a countdown clock showing the days left to achieve the commitment
  • The dedicated section on the “lead substitution journey” is now online - http://www.stabilisers.eu/.
  • The content of the new section will be the basis for the leaflet and the video animation, both to be finalized by end of March 2016.

Further actions in 2016
The launch of the leaflet and the video, together with a new wave of promotion of the dedicated section on the “lead substitution journey” will be synchronized with the launch of the VinylPlus Progress Report 2016 at the Vinyl Sustainability Forum 2016 on 28th April 2016, Vienna, Austria.

Contact: Carolina Susin 

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Green Academy - Enjoy the rain

PVC Forum Italia - Italy


  • To search for new and functional industrial applications for recycled PVC. The existence of a concrete market for recycled PVC is crucial to boost recycling and stimulate a pull market approach. The existence of innovative and attractive applications in recycled PVC is important to show that a market for recycled PVC does exist.
  • The project will be elaborated with the partnership of the Domus Academy (Milan, Italy), a world top ranked design school.


  • The Domus Academy organized, in the framework of its Course of Specialization in Material Design, a special one-month session on PVC as a material for design and on the re-use and recycling of end-of-life PVC products.
  • PVC Forum Italy took part in the course and provided an information package containing technical guides on the main PVC applications, brochures on recycling activities, videos, VinylPlus and ECVM materials and examples of recycled products. Students were also informed about PVC recycling options and consistency of the PVC industry policies with EU and global guidelines.
  • Provided that the theme of re-use and recycling of end-of-life products was the main objective of the project, it was agreed that an overall theme had to be defined before creativity started, and in line with the global challenges faced by our world.
  • In this context, the theme of water was selected for the project, which was entitled “Enjoy the Rain”. The project builds on the importance of water conservation and preservation and the added value of rainwater.
  • Six applications were developed, all privileging the urban context and the re-use and recycling of PVC.

“Enjoy the Rain” was presented at the “Festival dell’Acqua 2015”. The festival gathered more than 600 participants (companies, regulators, specifiers and opinion leaders). The event was a great opportunity to present the project to an extremely qualified audience. Furthermore, the subject of the parallel exhibition on “Water Design” perfectly matched with our theme “Enjoy the Rain”.

Enjoy the rain brochure thumbnailEnjoy the Rain: An example of sustainable design for water preservation and conservation - an overview

Take a look at the six projects in detail:

Contact: Carlo Ciotti

PVCForum Italia logo

Interactive online tool for information about PVC pipes

PVC4Pipes - EU


  • To develop an interactive application on PVC pipes and spread it to the public via the PVC4Pipes website.
  • PVC sustainability and recycling will be key elements highlighted in the tool, emphasizing the green credentials - sustainability, long life, recyclability, energy efficiency - of PVC pipes.
  • This online tool targets both people inside and outside the PVC pipes industry, as well as the general public.


Contact: Sylvie Famelart