Every year, VinylPlus finances a number of communication projects run by sector-specific and national PVC associations. Their main goal is to increase sustainability awareness as agreed in the Voluntary Commitment while at the same time the image of PVC as a material of choice can be improved.

Externally, these projects respond to a number of social expectations by promoting a transparent dialogue with all stakeholders which, in turn, can help VinylPlus addressing key concerns. Internally, they contribute to creating a sustainable mindset and shared goals across the PVC value-chain.

Energy and resource efficient products for public procurement

This project is a continuation of the 2015, 2016 and 2017 versions. Building on the previous years' work, the project's aim is to raise awareness of the sustainable solutions that PVC products can offer in public procurement. The project works towards this by producing articles and advertorials for journals KBD and UmweltMagazin.

Contact: Thomas Hülsmann, at thomas.huelsmann@agpu.com

VinylPlus approaching decision makers & influencers - political, building & construction

The project's focus was to make VinylPlus more visible to decision makers both in the political world as in the construction industry (architects, construction planners, housing sector agents and demolition and recycling companies). By atttending events and distributing relevent documents, it is hoped that such decision makers will help VinylPlus' work, and therefore recycling solutions, to become known to governmental bodies and construction companies. Three events were selected and attended: bvse Altkunststofftag in Bad Neuenahr (June 2018), SPD party convention (June 2018) and DDIV (September 2018).

Contact: Thomas Hülsmann, at thomas.huelsmann@agpu.com

Sharing good practices and challenges in the recycling & recovery of plastics including PVC

Through the implementation of workshops, presentations and discussions, the project's aim was for best practices concerning recycling and recovery of plastics, including PVC of selected application sectors (eg. building, construction and packaging), to be shared with other associations. The final objective was to improve recovery know-how across industry, and to strengthen the cross-plastics network so as to improve regular exchange and mutual understanding of strategies.

Contact: Thomas Hülsmann, at thomas.huelsmann@agpu.com

Media Field Trip: exploring the PVC value chain

The project's focus is to raise awareness amongst specialised trade journalists of the commitment of VinylPlus and European Plasticisers to sustainability. This will be promoted through a two-day media field trip to at least two companies producing, converting or recycling flexible PVC. Jounralists will have the opportunity to see the plants in operation and to get to know people that work in the industry.

Contact: Michela Mastrantino, at mim@cefic.be or Perry Walters, at pwa@cefic.be

12 Months, 12 Reasons to chose PVC

This project aims to provide clear, precise and digestable information through infographics to the public sector as well as amongst civil servants. The infographics will depict VinylPlus' work, including information concerning PVC recycling, the circular economy, energy efficiency, cost savings, safety, medical, innovation, to name but a few. So as to maximise their reach, these infographics will be displayed at high-level events every month; with every month comes a new reason to chose PVC.

Contact: Francisco Morcillo, at fmorcillo@bpf.co.uk

European brochure on PVC windows

The project's aim was to increase awareness of the benefits of using PVC in window profiles amongst end-consumers, specificiers and architects. Through the creation of a brochure that explains the entire value chain of the PVC window, information such as PVC's recyclability, the VinylPlus Product Label, design opportunities and product quality are easily accessible to consumers. The brochure was launched at the Fensterbau Frontale fair in Nuremberg, Germany, in March 2018.

Contact: Charlotte Röber, at charlotte.roeber@eppa-profiles.eu

PVC on the road: educating regulators and policymakers about our industry

The project will be a half-day event providing scientific and regulatory information about plasticisers, particularly in relation to current and upcoming societal and environmental challenges. The aim is to provide participants with a regulatory update on plasticisers and to present VinylPlus' work, in the hope of bringing policymakers and regulators closer to the PVC industry and VinylPlus.

Contact: Michela Mastrantino, at mim@cefic.be or Perry Walters at pwa@cefic.be

Accreditated VinylPlus Product Label: a keystone for the circular economy

The project's goal is the promotion the VinylPlus Product Label to relevant stakeholders in Italy, such as the value chain and PVC Forum Italia member and non-member companies. PVC Forum Italia firstly began the procedure of accreditation for the certification of the VinylPlus Product Label in Italy, while the informative materials prepared by the VinylPlus Product Label Team were translated and adapted for the Italian market. The VinylPlus Product Label was also presented on multiple occasions to the PVC Forum Italia member and non-members, as for example during an event organised by Profine on June 26. The project also developed a section on PVC Forum Italia's website dedicated to the VinylPlus Product Label, and will launch a media campaign suppporting the Label.

Contact: Piana Marco, at info@pvcforum.it