The Circular Economy

VinylPlus, Committed to the Circular Economy

The EU Circular Economy Action Plan reaffirms the need to increase plastics recycling as part of the overall transition to a circular economy.

VinylPlus, the voluntary sustainable development programme of the European PVC industry, has proven to be a frontrunner on the circular economy by ensuring continuous progress towards clearly defined sustainability goals.

The Circular Economy Package is an opportunity for European leaders to confirm and reinforce the many advantages of PVC recycling in areas ranging from employment to resource efficiency.


VinylPlus contributes to the Circular Economy by reinjecting high volumes of quality recycling PVC back into the economy. 

Achievements and targets contributing to the Circular Economy

Recovinyl, our recycling programme

Recovinyl is a key part of the VinylPlus programme which illustrates the Circular Economy in action.

Recovinyl certifies companies that recycle PVC waste as well as accredited converting companies that purchase recycled PVC to manufacture new PVC products.

By certifying the quality and quantity of the recycled PVC that is produced and purchased, Recovinyl is increasing the volumes of recycled PVC and the demand for recyclate.

The VinylPlus programme works together with all actors throughout the PVC value chain, as well as with European, national and local decision makers.

Legacy additives in recycled PVC

Legacy additives are substances that are no longer used in the production of new PVC products. Most of these additives have already been replaced by alternatives, or a transition is currently underway. PVC containing legacy additives can be recycled and safely used in many key applications.

VinylPlus offers guidance on how to recycle PVC with legacy additives to guarantee the highest level of environmental and human health protection. Legacy additives are embedded into the PVC matrix, ensuring that they remain safely within the new product.

VinylPlus ensures the certification and traceability of PVC recyclates so that the converters and end-users know in which applications recycled PVC can be used. It is essential to make sure that valuable materials such as PVC remain within the circular economy.