The Circular Economy

VinylPlus, Committed to the Circular Economy

VinylPlus has proven to be a frontrunner with regards to the Circular Economy by ensuring continuous progress towards clearly defined sustainability goals. VinylPlus works to continuously increase PVC recycling so as to reinject high volumes of quality recycling PVC back into the economy. In 2003, VinylPlus set up Recovinyl, an industry-wide recycling platorfm gathering recyclers and converters from all over Europe. Recovinyl is the main contributor to PVC recycling in Europe. Find out more here. 

The EU Circular Economy Action Plan reaffirms the need to increase plastics recycling as part of the overall transition to a circular economy. The Circular Economy Package is an opportunity for European leaders to confirm and reinforce the many advantages of PVC recycling in areas ranging from employment to resource efficiency.

Achievements and targets contributing to the Circular Economy

circular economy

circular economy