Praise for VinylPlus

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Nilgün Tas

UNIDO, Chief of the Industrial Resource Efficiency Division in the Department of Environment
VSF 2018 – Madrid

The whole UN system, including UNIDO, encourages all sectors of industry to see the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the new business operating environment, and to actively seize the opportunities offered for meeting essential human and ecosystem needs, including through increased material and energy efficiency. We stand ready to help the business in this endeavour and commend initiatives such as VinylPlus for its leadership in the areas of recycling and addressing sector challenges, in particular by working with partners along the value chain.

Martina Dlabajová

Member of the European Parliament
Euractiv – 25 October 2017

The European Union has embraced the circular economy and its commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Effective voluntary commitments, in combination with ambitious policy, should drive this project. There can be no better way of creating a fully-functioning, sustainable and circular economy than by bringing together everyone who will make this happen.
VinylPlus® rightfully positions the circular economy as a unique opportunity for dialogue and collaboration between private and public entities to achieve the shared goal of long-term value creation, which will unlock the full potential of the circular economy.

Martina Dlabajová

Member of the European Parliament
Euractiv – 25 October 2017

An effective voluntary commitment is not an easy option. It takes time, motivation, and dedication from the entire value chain. The commitment should encompass clear objectives with ambitious, measurable targets and deadlines. VinylPlus®, the Voluntary Commitment to sustainable development of the European PVC industry, is a good example of this approach. As a member of the VinylPlus Monitoring Committee I have seen for myself that self-regulation can be extremely effective.

Christophe Yvetot

UNIDO Representative to the European Union
VSF 2017 – Berlin

I’m happy to see that in its Progress Report 2017 VinylPlus is reporting its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals, having identified the goals each of its five challenges relate to. I’d like to congratulate VinylPlus; we know how difficult it is to bring a whole value chain together to achieve more sustainability. VinylPlus shows that industry can change, industry can contribute. VinylPlus is a good role model and we are ready to work more closely with them.

Stephan Sicars

Director Department of Environment, UNIDO
VSF 2016 – Vienna

The role of VinylPlus aligns very well with the Sustainable Development Goals. VinylPlus allows the industry to come together to discuss the main characteristics of sustainability, and how they can contribute. VinylPlus can make that visible for governments and for civil society...

Gwenole Cozigou

Former Director, DG GROW, European Commission
VSF 2015 – Cannes

VinylPlus can be considered as a frontrunner for the circular economy

Christophe Yvetot

UNIDO Representative to the European Union
VSF 2015 – Cannes

The post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and climate commitments will offer a new narrative for the industry: sharing prosperity and respecting the environment. As a member of the Green Industry Platform, the Vinyl Industry can actively contribute to the global sustainability agenda through its continuous efforts to reduce its environmental and climate footprint and to develop new green products, services and jobs that will support a more sustainable world.

In the race for sustainability the laggards will lose. We see the VinylPlus initiative as the forerunner and role model for a global standard of the industry.

Arab Hoballah

Former Chief Sustainable Lifestyles, Cities and Industry of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEnvironment)
VSF 2015 – Cannes

UNEP welcomes all Sector initiatives such as VinylPlus, which recognize the challenges, set targets, engage stakeholders and demonstrate progress. 2015 will set the sustainability agenda through 2030 and beyond. No matter how you react, the trends that are driving the planet are driving the market. The private sector can see this as a new set of regulations, restrictions and red tape, or as a historic, immediate opportunity to innovate, grow new markets, and build new relationships with customers and other stakeholders to help society meet the challenge of change. UNEP stands ready to work with those visionaries.

Barbara Kreissler

Former Head of the Business Partnerships Group
VSF 2014 – Rome, 8 May 2014

UNIDO is particularly proud to have an industry-wide partnership such as VinylPlus on the Green Industry Platform. The recent milestones they have achieved demonstrate how the private sector can be transformative in nature and can take the lead in achieving an important step towards sustainability objectives and realizing a more inclusive and sustainable model of industrial development. This partnership model is therefore of great relevance not only in the European context, but also for developing and transition economies that are just beginning their journey of sustainable economic growth.

Heinz Leuenberger

Former Director of UNIDO’s Environmental Management Branch
Guangzhou (China), 9 November 2013

The participation of VinylPlus (in the Green Industry Platform) enables the European PVC industry to be a key contributor to the global promotion of a more sustainable model of industrial production. While often seen as an environmental threat, plastics also offer immense potential in terms of resource efficiency and recycling measures, and we look forward to working with VinylPlus in achieving our shared objectives.