The Vinyl Game

Originally created by Vinyl 2010, the VinylGame is a computer game challenging players to manage a virtual PVC industry in a sustainable way. Participants are faced with the daily socio-economic and environmental decisions involved in running their own PVC business.

Whilst it remains fun to play, the choices made in how the company is run illustrate the challenge of balancing economic growth with sustainable development. Within the game, the negative consequences of playing purely based on economic growth without regarding production safety, environmental consequences or issues such as recycling quickly become apparent.  The virtual society in the game may even opt to respond and take actions, as trade unions can decide to go on strike.

In October 2008, the VinylGame was awarded the Italian prize ‘Premio Aretê 2008' for responsible communication in the videogames category by a panel of judges chaired by the Italian Minister of Environment, Stefania Prestigiacomo.