Sitting on sustainable innovation

Published on: 2014-09-17


PVC recycling processes have constantly evolved and improved the recycling of a large variety of vinyl composite materials.


The high-quality, virgin-like, regenerated PVC produced by the VinyLoop® ( recycling plant in Ferrara, Italy, is now a key component of many finished goods’ eco-efficiency. A physical, solvent-based, recycling technology,

VinyLoop® produces high quality R-PVC (recycled PVC) compounds.

Using VinyLoop® recycled materials, French outdoors equipment company Lafuma has created a top-quality chair. When the textile is worn down or no longer in style, it is possible to bring it back to the nearest dealer.

The materials are then sent to VinyLoop® Ferrara for recycling using TexyLoop®, a process dedicated to recycle such coated textiles.

Recycled PVC granulates from the Ferrara plant can also be found in applications such as garden hoses, geo-membranes for ponds or even shoe soles. They all offer significant primary energy and water consumption savings.

The garden hose manufacturing process is based on the use of different kinds of plasticised PVC compounds. VinyLoop® has managed to use up to 90% of regenerated PVC, and the hose itself (which includes recycled PVC), is totally recyclable, significantly lowering its environmental footprint.


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